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The REG-MED thematic network (Regulatory Convergence to Facilitate International Transport in the Mediterranean)

The REG-MED is a thematic network created within the European Union's Fifth Framework Programme on R&D and coordinated by the CETMO. Its fundamental objective is to analyse in depth and discuss the regulatory framework with a view to facilitating goods transport in the Mediterranean.

This joint analysis and discussion took place at four seminars held in 2003 and 2004, when the essential aspects of a transport chain were addressed. These seminars were attended by members of private-sector associations and top civil servants from the Maghreb, EU Member States, the European Commission and several international institutions. A scientific committee made up of representatives of European organizations and Maghreb experts supported the CETMO in its tasks of identifying the matters to be discussed, organizing the seminars and ratifying the conclusions and final recommendations of the REG-MED.

In practice, the network made it possible to analyse the main obstacles inhibiting international goods transport in the Mediterranean. It also provided a chance to review the initiatives under way in EU and Mediterranean partner countries to overcome the obstacles. Furthermore, it offered the opportunity to propose measures to facilitate international goods flows in the region and to evaluate how international agreements and convergence measures with respect to the EU regulatory framework can contribute towards reducing these obstacles.