Centre d'Etudes des Transports pour la Méditerranée Occidentale
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The purpose of the CETMO-LEX database is to provide a compilation of the main legislative documents related to road, rail, sea and air transport for goods and passengers in the Western Mediterranean.

When CETMO started the LEX database in 1989, it represented an innovative tool and a service of great interest. Today, all the organizations that publish official bulletins provide similar search engines, some of which offer the added advantage of daily updates and the ability to consult selected texts on line. For this reason, CETMO has decided not to continue maintaining this database. However, the latest version will remain on line for consultation purposes.

Consult Cetmo-Lex (march 2006 version)

To facilitate searches for legislative texts on transport, see the links to the official bulletins of the countries that make up the GTMO 5+5.

Libya (unavailable)

Updated : July 2009