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Structure de l'initiative LOGISMED

CETMO presents LOGISMED Initiative to United Nations

CETMO presents LOGISMED Initiative to United Nations

  • The aim of the LOGISMED Initiative is to promote modern logistics in the countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, where CETMO is in charge of the LOGISMED Soft segment
  • The work being done on the project was presented at the meeting of the Working Party on Intermodal Transport of the UNECE’s Inland Transport Committee


The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is aware that intermodality must be a priority to improve regional transport conditions and has worked hard in this direction. For this reason, UNECE, along with its Inland Transport Committee, invited CETMO to participate in the Working Group on Regional Intermodal Transport in the session Operational Challenges and Innovative Solutions.

Since both organizations signed the cooperation agreement in October, their relationship has grown stronger and UNECE gave CETMO the opportunity to describe its role in the LOGISMED Soft initiative.

CETMO’s presentation involved explaining its own guide “Design and Implementation of Logistics Platforms”, one of the most relevant outcomes of the LOGISMED Soft project.

Of the guide’s contents, CETMO focused on the roadmap for implementing a logistics platform, which includes the following stages:

  • Initial stage: a logistics platform must form part of a broader logistics strategy and the authorities or transport infrastructure operators should be active participants in the process. It is also a good idea to invite professional organizations to participate in the development of the logistics strategy and identify priority platform projects, given their ability to create public opinion and bring together some of the future clients of the logistics platform.
  • Implementation stage: process coordination now becomes the responsibility of the structure created for logistics platform development (LPD). One of LPD’s priorities is to explain the importance of qualitative and service aspects and to translate these benefits into profitability companies can understand.
  • Operating stage: at this point, LPD must provide support to the industry strategies of the most important actors, ensure compliance with profitability and debt services commitments, guarantee that the platform offers intangible spaces and quality services at an acceptable price, and ensure that the platform creates job opportunities.

To conclude the presentation, CETMO stressed the importance of key aspects that can help make a logistics platform successful. These aspects include education to explain the project and create a sense of belonging, diplomacy to be able to manage the skills and expectations of the different stakeholders, and the capacity to achieve effective implementation with strong political support.


LOGISMED Initiative:

The LOGISMED Initiative is a regional project whose ultimate aim is to promote modern logistics in the countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean. It has two components. One component, known as LOGISMED Hard, involves the creation of the infrastructure required to carry out modern logistics in the form of logistics platforms. The other, LOGISMED Soft, includes the promotion and development of professional logistics competences required by the country and platforms.

The LOGISMED initiative has been supported by the European Investment Bank (EIB) since 2010. CETMO was entrusted by the EIB to work on implementation of LOGISMED Soft through two technical assistance projects.

LOGISMED Soft is divided into three components:

  • Coordination, promotion and definition of logistics platforms: this includes guaranteeing the coordination and coherence of all project components, providing information and raising awareness to get local public and private actors involved, and, finally, drafting a guide on the design and implementation of logistics platforms.
  • LOGISMED training activities: this includes implementing a set of training activities designed to increase the competitiveness of the logistics sector in Mediterranean countries.
  • LOGISMED Observatory: the goal of this component is to create a regional transport and logistics observatory.

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