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Knowledge and experience

CETMO has extensive, proven experience in cooperation and collaboration with international ,institutions in the field of transport in the Euro-Mediterranean region (GTMO 5+5, UfM, AMU) and beyond (UNECE, European Union).

CETMO therefore boasts comprehensive knowledge of transport infrastructure and services, as well as specific knowledge in the field of transport and commercial flows. CETMO has powerful databases, as well as its own geographic information system (CETMO GIS).

CETMO is also staffed by a highly qualified technical team specializing in the field of transport.

Direct contact with international stakeholders

CETMO has been a leading player in transport issues in the Western Mediterranean since 1985. It has a capacity for direct dialogue with the transport ministries of the region and other prominent bodies:

• CETMO has been the permanent Technical Secretariat of the GTMO 5+5 since 1997.

• CETMO is a permanent observer at the ITC (UNECE).

• CETMO has access to IFIs such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) through projects such as Logismed.


One of CETMO’s priorities since it was created has been to spread its knowledge, which it does by organizing more than 140 activities, including conferences, seminars and courses.

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